2022 Annual Repor⁠t⁠

By: The James Madison Institute / 2023

The James Madison Institute



A Message from the President & the Chairman

Over the last 35 years, it has been heartening to see the progress towards greater liberty that Florida has made. The James Madison Institute’s unwavering commitment to our mission of advancing public policy solutions that benefit all Floridians continues to make the Sunshine State a model for the country. Through our outreach and educational efforts geared toward policymakers to our resources for Florida citizens across the Sunshine State, The James Madison Institute continues to be the leading think tank in Florida—our nation’s most influential state.

All of us at The James Madison Institute (JMI) have had the pleasure of holding a front-row seat as Florida has become the single-most important state in the country when it comes to policy and politics. Political philosophies and politicians come and go but one thing has remained true: JMI has led the way in the Sunshine State on what constitutes good policy. The Florida Dream in many ways reflects the American Dream, and our citizens are reaping the benefits. Each year, more and more people take up the mission we champion and, because of your support, JMI is the strongest it has ever been.

Think of this one monumental statistic: over the past 20 years, more than $150 billion in income has migrated to the Sunshine State from high-tax/high-spend states like Illinois, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. In that 20-year span, close to $28 billion in annual income has migrated from New York, alone. Our states have similar populations, and yet New York’s state budget is more than double the size of Florida’s. Americans are voting with their feet and pocketbooks, and they are moving to states like Florida, that value freedom—to the tune of 1,000 people per day!

This only makes our work here at JMI that much more important! Throughout our 2022 annual report, we hope you will see the depth and breadth of our efforts to advance good policy by promoting the principles of free enterprise, fiscal responsibility, and limited government. This work occurs during the Florida Legislative Session, in the halls of the United States Congress, in Federal Cabinet agencies, even in The White House. Our educational outreach occurs all across this state in dozens of meetings and events, and on numerous college campuses.

And while our efforts are advancing the cause of freedom, our mission must continue to grow and develop with our ever-changing state. This annual report reflects the 2022 year, and what a year it was. We are forever grateful for your continued support of our mission. Your trust in us is an investment in the future of the Sunshine State and we are honored that you have chosen to support us as we chart the course for Florida’s future.

J. Robert McClure III, Ph.D.
President and CEO

Jeffrey Swain