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JMI Releases ⁠t⁠he Fall 2019 Ed⁠i⁠⁠t⁠⁠i⁠on of The Journal: “Mov⁠i⁠ng Beyond ⁠t⁠he Poss⁠i⁠ble”

By: Logan Padgett / 2019


September 25, 2019


Logan Elizabeth Padgett

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JMI Releases the Fall 2019 Edition of The Journal: “Moving Beyond the Possible”

TALLAHASSEE – Florida currently possesses all the right ingredients to become a global innovation hub. The question is, will we?

Today, in conjunction with the JMI-sponsored 2019 Tech and Innovation Summit being held in Orlando, the Institute released the 2019 Fall edition of The Journal, “Moving Beyond the Possible.” This edition of The Journal is devoted to technology and innovation policy.

Innovation is disrupting every sector of our economy. As technology advances, it often outpaces the ability of regulatory systems to keep pace. Policymakers must carefully examine and weigh new policy proposals. We are pleased to release “Moving Beyond the Possible,” with Journal articles written by Senator Jeff Brandes, the Florida Chamber’s Chris Emmanuel, Reason Foundation’s Adrian Moore, Mercatus Center’s Jennifer Huddleston, and other national experts. This edition of The Journal provides readers an opportunity to think through some of today’s most pressing technology policy issues

Florida has been a leader in fostering a culture of innovation and growth, but the future will present both challenges and opportunities.

“In preparing this issue, it was our sincere hope that we could provide a framework for why this series of topics, why this set of discussions and policy strategies, and why this area of economic activity present one of the single biggest, most vital, and most dynamic opportunities for Florida in our push to position the state as a global leader in innovation and a beacon for market-centered policy. These discussions matter for the Fortune 500 CEO, for the small business owner, for the schoolteacher, for the single parent wanting a path forward for their kids, and for every single one of the 21 million Floridians seeking a prosperous life.” -Sal Nuzzo – Vice President of Policy, The James Madison Institute


The Journal is available at:

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